Some call it fast fibre optic, others say high speed, super-fast or fastest connection ever – correct – it is fast with greater speed and the fibre goes directly from the cabinet to your office – it is your one and only dedicated internet line!

Nowadays, no business survives without internet and even less with slow internet connection as time is precious. The traditional broadband mostly struggles to cope with downloading or backing up large files, streaming videos or music, with multiple devices and appliances logged on at the same time by employees. 

As this demands much greater bandwidth in order to accommodate all staff and technology, the trend and latest is super-fast fibre internet connection for businesses. So no more sharing bandwidth. This means that you have got your own dedicated fibre line from the cabinet into your business premise enjoying fast internet connectivity and no more slowing down while working.

Your business benefits

  • Reliable and affordable solutions by benefiting from a 100Mbit or Gbit bearer in adding bandwidth as your business continues to grow

  • Shared installation costs for multi-tenant solutions


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